If WWE stars were Premier League clubs

John Cena will feature in this weekend's WrestleMania
John Cena will feature in this weekend’s WrestleMania

Strong, attack-minded, charismatic – just some of the traits shared by both WWE stars and Premier League clubs!

It is one of sport’s greatest events, WrestleMania is live on Sky Sports Box Office this weekend, and we’ve matched the stars on show inside the ring to Premier League clubs.

Which club best matches Brock Lesnar’s brute strength and power? And what about the charisma and experience of Chris Jericho?


John Cena[Manchester United] – Formal multiple champions with a big world fan base but falling to challenges for titles recently


Roman Reigns[Manchester City] – Unbeatable at times, never rule them out of a title race and fantastic rise in recent years

Seth Rollins[Arsenal]– Very talented and great to watch when on their game but unable to make the big push to the top after injuries.


Daniel Bryan[Leicester City]– The underdogs in a league of Super Powers, title win against all odds and everyone writing them off


The New Day[Bournemouth]– Always entertaining to watch despite being out of the title picture. The neutrals’ favorite to support.


AJ Styles[Spurs]– New to the title picture but with fantastic talent- they are back to where they believe they belong


Undertaker[Sunderland]– always able to pull it out of the bag when threatened, could all that change this year though?


Kevin Owens[West Bromwich Albion]– Strong, no nonsense and always performs. Oncourse to be one of the stand out performers of the year

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Zack Ryder[Crystal Palace] – Attacking, quick, exciting but easy to break down and has had some damaging defeats this year

Brock Lesnar[Chelsea]– Bullish, fearsome, unbeatable at times. with a defence the envy of those in the business

Chris Jericho[Everton] – Best in the business back in the day, dropped out of the limelight but now back amongst the best.

Bayley[Swansea] – Plays the game in right way, fun to watch, likable but has had problems recently

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