Top Sports Sites for Fitness

Top Sports Sites for Fitness & Health-Related Info

With hundreds of thousands of results for any given search, it can sometimes be difficult to find good fitness and health information online. For any result, you have to run through a checklist of questions, even if you do so almost subconsciously: Is it reputable? Is it updated frequently? Are there any other resources to support its claim? These are just a few of the questions you have to ask yourself, in what can ultimately be a somewhat overwhelming process. 

If you’re unsure where to look, though, prominent sports sites can actually offer some solutions. Some of the biggest sports sites on the planet offer not only the latest sports news but also fitness and health features from experts, as well as information from top athletes themselves. Below we’ve compiled a list of a few of the more popular sports websites that also feature fitness and health-related information.

Bleacher Report

Focusing on sports and fitness culture, Bleacher Report was founded in 2007 in San Francisco and covers the latest news in North American and European sports. Many of its features also include fitness- and workout-related articles from top athletes in their respective sports, such as LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Novak Djokovic, and Manny Pacquiao, among many others. Some of their articles detail training routines focusing on specific parts of the body, and others get into athletes’ diets and nutrition regimens. With informative and reliable information, Bleacher Report has established itself as one of the leading sports sites, and now has more than 40 million unique monthly visitors.

Sports Illustrated

With a plethora of sports news, features, podcasts, fitness resources and much more, Sports Illustrated is one of the oldest and most respected sports publications in the United States. The publication is also famous for its annual “swimsuit edition,” which despite a reputation for being sexy actually features fascinating and valuable fitness articles regarding top models and athletes. With 20 million unique monthly visitors according to eBiz MBA, Sports Illustrated remains among the top websites providing insightfully and constantly updated sports and fitness information.

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Fox Sports

Part of the colossal Fox empire now owned by Disney, Fox Sports is renowned for featuring regional sports from all over the globe for respective audiences. With this global audience and content tailored to individual cities and regions, this sports site delivers comprehensive coverage of all world sports, including some particularly obscure subjects like Kabaddi and Sepak Takraw. You’ll also find insightful articles on fitness and sports health, including interviews with professional athletes in which they delve into their health and fitness regimens. 


Betfair is actually just one of several UK-based bookmaking platformsthat could be mentioned here. This whole collection of sites and apps exists primarily to provide visitors with up-to-date odds and betting opportunities regarding current sporting events. Poke around enough on Betfair and some related platforms though, and you’ll find information beyond basic betting material. This information consists of meticulous analyses of athletes and teams, and sometimes touches on the fitness and health routines of significant figures. For instance, you might see articles about how players have trained or gotten fit in the offseason, aimed at helping bettors assess possibilities but still conveying valuable fitness tips.

Sky Sports

The dominant sports brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Sky Sports has been influential in the increased globalization of British sports since the early 1990s. Within a primary focus on popular European sports, it mainly covers soccer, rugby, formula 1, boxing, and tennis (but also delves into other mainstream sports more popular in North America). While health-related content is not the main focus the platform, it will occasionally include articles in this vein, including some with advice from top athletes like F1 star Lewis Hamilton. Sky also has a new feature called Fit in 5, which is a video series focusing on a fitness program that aims to get you fit in just five minutes a day.

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While these are a but a handful of sites containing helpful sports and fitness information, there are still many others that provide in-depth information and analysis on superstar athletes’ fitness routines and healthy lifestyles. ESPN, Yahoo! Sports and SB Nation are among some of the sites not covered above where aspiring athletes can find helpful information, for instance. But the sites above can certainly get you off to a good start if you’re looking for a few reliable platforms where you can count on finding fitness and health information.

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