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Support: The Worlds 1st Fully Motorized Robotic Fishing Lure

The Worlds 1st Fully Motorized Robotic Fishing Lure

eMinnow – The Lure That Swims On It’s Own – Because eMinnow lures look and behave just like real bait fish, they catch more fish, without the hassle !

Imagine a fishing lure that behaves just like a real bait fish, but without you having to constantly jig it or retrieve it to keep it moving. Well now there is… eMinnow is a preprogrammed fully motorized robotic fishing lure that mimics the swimming movements and patterns, of REAL bait fish, including pauses, speeding up, slowing
down and regular live action.

eMinnow is a preprogrammed FULLY motorized ROBOTIC fishing lure.
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