Star Wars 8: ‘Rey is not one of the Last Jedi and the rest are already dead’

STAR WARS VIII will reveal who all The Last Jedi are but Rey is not one of them and the rest will be killed by Kylo Ren, according to these four reasons.

Although there has been no official confirmation or statement, it seems to be accepted now that The Last Jedi is plural.

Although the word can be singular or plural in every language, foreign film posters accidentally revealed that there are more than one in this case by referring to “Les Derniers Jedi” or “Los Ultimos Jedi.”

So, first off, we know that there will be more than one and we fully expect to see them in the movie.

Who they are plus how and when they are shown has already been heavily dictated by more than one of the previous movies in the franchise.


Apart from the fact that her storyline seems to be too important to then lump her in with a bunch of others, everything we know from the original two trilogies clearly shows why she can’t be one of the Last Jedi, anyway.

The second important fact is that when Snoke said: “If Skywalker returns, the new Jedi will rise,” we must assume that Rey will become one of the new Jedi, not one of the existing Last Jedi.

Besides, thirdly, it is far too soon for Rey to be a Jedi of any sort at all.

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We saw this first with Obi-Wan Kenobi under Qui-Gon Jinn and then with Anakin under Obi-Wan. Luke Skywalker’s training was remarkably rapid but was still not complete until the latter stages of The Return of the Jedi.


We know that Episode 8 picks up immediately after The Force Awakens and leaked reports of Disney previews have described scenes of Rey training with the Force and a lightsaber, but it is still almost impossible that we will see her become a fully-fledged Jedi in this film.


Rey sees Kylo Ren kill Luke's Jedi
Rey sees Kylo Ren kill Luke’s Jedi

This leads to the fourth and final point.

Star Wars expert Mike Zeroh explains that we have already glimpsed The Last Jedi. They are most likely to be the fallen figures we saw in Rey’s Forceback vision.

This scene showed Kylo Ren and his Knights of Ren slaughtering what most now believe to be the Jedi that were being trained by Luke.

These were, in fact, The Last Jedi in existence in the galaxy and consistent reports have said that the next film will have more than one important flashback scene.

Zeroh, and many others, believe that at least one of these sections of the film will show what happened between Luke, Kylo and the doomed Last Jedi in the past. Their loss drove Luke into hiding and started his search for the ancient original Jedi and their temples.

Of course, Luke still lives, so The Last Jedi in fact continues to be both singular (Luke now) and plural (his fallen disciples in the past).

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