Restaurant Business: The Significance Of Food Presentation And Customer Service

A mouth-watering array of dishes on a restaurant menu is bound to attract the attention of a food lover but it is also important for food to be presented to guests in the best way. The appearance of the food that is delivered to you can attract you towards certain meals and affect the food choices that you make in the future.

There are different methods that are used to place food on plates to make a crucial first an impression that determines whether or not you are happy with what you receive. Meals can be presented or served in a variety of ways with unique arrangements, plates and kitchen utensils.

Restaurant business

Aspects of Food Presentation

The person who is responsible for the task of presenting food may be the chef or trained staff, depending on factors such as the capacity and type of restaurant. Regardless of who serves food within a restaurant, the basic rules of presenting food should be implemented. These include making sure that the plate does not appear to be empty or overloaded.

  • It is advisable for the edges of the plate to be left blank or clear. An interesting contrast of colors on the plate is visually appealing.
  • Portion sizes should ideally be standard and similar. Consistent portion sizes help to prevent food wastage.
  • Sauces should be served separately rather than in one dish.
  • Asymmetry, combinations of textures and exotic mixtures of colors are some of the delightful displays that you can expect at romantic restaurants in London.
  • Decorations and garnishes add character and an artistic touch to the meal. This can be achieved in many ways and the best way to garnish or decorate food is with edible items that are not only attractive but also add flavour to the food.
  • Adventurous food lovers will enjoy eating food that is presented on alternative or unusual. Food presentation reflects creativity and a genuine interest in making the dining experience special for all guests.
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Restaurant business
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Customer Service

Excellent customer service involves effective communication and giving diners the attention they deserve. When you visit a restaurant you always want to feel welcome. You look forward to being treated with respect and care as you enjoy a delicious meal.

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Along with food quality and presentation, it is important to have a pleasant experience at the restaurant right from them moment you walk in. Your needs as a customer should matter during all your dining experiences at this type of establishment.

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Diners expect to be greeted or acknowledged when they walk in and respectful titles are used to address customers at all times. Wait staff is required to listen to the customer keenly and avoid interrupting or imposing suggestions. They should be knowledgeable about the menu and ensure that they get the customers’ orders right.

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Regardless of whether you are going out for pizza or opt for a fine-dining restaurant, etiquette should be maintained. Diners should feel comfortable without unnecessary delays and their concerns should be addressed immediately. When you receive good customer service, you are more likely to return to a restaurant. Good food coupled with excellent customer service delivery guarantee an amazing time for all.

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