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luxurious cars

Top 10 Most Luxurious Cars

When it comes to the best luxury cars is a matter of what you want or love other that what you need. Cause these cars are things of not only beauty but the best quality comfort, ultimate performance and breathe taking experience one can ever ask for. On top of […]


How Genital Body Image Impacts Our Sex Life

No one really tells us how to be sexual beings. Most of us learn through our poorly informed friends, uncomfortable parents, porn, or through a highly scientific sex ed class that conveniently skips over the pelvic floor and concepts of pleasure and consent. Our instincts, body expectations, and sexual scripts have […]


10 Health Tests that Women Above 40 Should Get

There’s certainly some truth to the saying that “40 is the new 30.” As women now take better care of themselves earlier in life, turning 40 doesn’t necessarily mean that your health begins an uncontrollable downhill slide. Nevertheless, with age, women become more prone to health issues that can have […]


10 Hair Color Ideas for Blondes

From Gwen Stefani’s edgy platinum locks to Jessica Alba’s lived-in, beachy strands, no two blondes are exactly alike, which is one reason why this hair color is so fun to experiment with. Check out some major color inspiration below—and “pin” your faves to take to the salon!—and just try to […]


4 Reasons a Daily Walking Habit Is Worth It

This gentle, enjoyable activity is worth doing regularly—and not just for the exercise. We’re bombarded by fitness messaging that tells us that to be healthy, we must go to extremes (“no pain, no gain). But really, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Simply going for a walk (especially if […]

selena gomez

Selena Gomez Responds to Bikini Body Shamers: ‘I Chose to Take Care of Myself Because I Want To’

Selena Gomez isn’t putting up with any negativity. After the 25-year-old entertainer was photographed in a string bikini while vacationing in Australia with her friends, bullies on social media attacked her for her curvier frame. But on Monday night the singer — who hadn’t sported a bikini publicly since she underwent a kidney transplant last […]

Weight Loss

Common Chemicals in Nonstick Pans and Food Wrappers Could Hurt Your Health–and Your Waistline

Fluoridated compounds, known as PFAS, are found in fast-food wrappers, water-repellent textiles, and nonstick cookware.  A common class of chemicals that’s been linked to cancer, fertility problems, and thyroid dysfunction has now been tied to another major health issue: According to a new study in PLOS Medicine, women who have high levels of […]