Nigerian Woman Fights Nigerian Man On The Streets Of Italy Over Money Owed Her

In this Shocking video, a Nigerian woman is seen fighting a man (also a Nigerian), in the streets of Italy over ‘her money’

The lady is heard shouting at the man to give her her money or kill her as she held and dragged his clothes in public.She landed him a very HOT SLAP after dragging him for a while…

The man is heard saying that he didn’t rape her, that he wasn’t going to touch her no matter what she does. It is trending online.
She now realises someone is making a video and turned round to attack the person screaming ”No dey video me,no dey video me,them send you come”?
Looks like S3x gone wrong!
This is even small,Nigerians disgrace themselves a lot in the diaspora,it will shock you.Shout out to Ladies who hustle in the diaspora without parting their thighs.
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