How to make sure you’re getting all your texts if you switch to Android from iPhone (AAPL)

iPhone to an Android

If you’ve recently switched from an iPhone upto Android, you will net recieve text no more here is what you should do

Apple deregister iMessage

If you’ve recently switched from an iPhone to an Android, you might stop receiving text messages.

That’s because Apple iPhones have a system where they automatically turn texts from one iPhone to another iPhone into iMessages. So when people with iPhones send you texts to your new Android phone, Apple is routing them to an iPhone that doesn’t exist anymore.

There’s one easy way to fix it: A hidden page on Apple’s website lets you deregister your phone number from iMessage.

The fix has been available since 2014 but people still have trouble with this, especially when switching to new premium Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel.

>> Deregister your phone number from iMessage here.

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