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In case you need to keep away from the usual dinner and beverages, right here are a few alternative first date thoughts to do in Lagos


Lagos is a colourful city with plenty to do however even then, we nonetheless appear to get stuck inside the usual first date rut of dinner and drinks.

While there is not anything wrong with getting to know any individual over a meal, we’ve put together the ultimate list for a less than ordinary first date which is sure to score you a 2nd, imparting you don’t mess it up.

Paint & Bake- Chocolat Royale

In case you thought this is tuned into just for kids then you notion is incorrect because creativity and amusement has no age restriction. Paint and bake is available at 3 locations of chocolat royale all over the island and offers you the opportunity to set free your internal picasso. Create a chunk of pottery of your desire and decorate it as you want and the kind people at chocolat royale will bake it for you and you could take it home as a memento. A lovable first date concept would be to make something for the each other to take home as a momento of the time you spent with eacher other.

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Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki conservation centre is probably one of Lagos’ quality hidden gems. Tucked away just off the lekki-epe expressway, that is one of the largest conservation areas in Lagos and is home to a selection of animals which includes monkeys and throw in the peculiar crocodile or . If you want to enjoy flowers and animals of their herbal habitat, then this place is a need to visit for that special date. The NCF was set apart to sustain the natural habitation of vegetation, and animals as urbanisation commenced leading to the intrusion of areas intended for them. This meant that in a metropolis like Lagos which is speedy turning into a bonafide city jungle, we are able to enjoy a slice of wildlife. Take alongside a manual and inform your date about the varieties of plants and animals as you stroll alongside. If that doesn’t impress them then what’s going to?!

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Nike Art Gallery

Artwork is one of those things; either you like it or you do not however due to an upward thrust in younger contemporary artists who are pushing the limits of what it takes to be an artist, the artwork international is becoming a way more reachable and relatable. Whether you’re an artwork lover, a beginner or in reality curious, Nike artwork gallery is a should visit. Take your date on a stroll along the grounds and take inside the pieces together. You must not know all about the artwork, you in reality have to tell each other what you spot and how it makes you feel. Searching at art together may be pretty an emotive and intimate manner to spend time collectively. In case you’re lucky, you would possibly meet mama Nike and get to talk about with the legend herself. An unforgettable enjoy.

Zip-line at Lekki Leisure Lake

Calling all adrenaline junkies! What better manner to get to recognise someone by seeing them scared out of their mind! First dates may be awkward and uncomfortable with each parties needing that little push to pop out of their shells. Zip-lining is an amusing and thrilling activity as a way to wreck the ice very quickly. Lekki amusement lake is a hub of a laugh sports so after having a pass on the zip-line, how a trip at the quad motorcycles or sipping a cocktail on the seashore and toasting to surviving your whirlwind first date.

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