Huge Live Fish Removed From A Woman’s Body (Video)

Gruesome moment an EEL is pulled from patient’s body after it was ‘used for sexual gratification’

  • Footage from China shows an eel being surgically removed from a patient
  • More than 50,000 people have viewed the video in less than 24 hours
  • The video description suggests the eel was inserted for ‘sexual gratification’
  • WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The eel appears to be longer than a forearm

Video footage has emerged from China that shows the moment an eel is surgically removed from a patient’s body, after it was allegedly inserted for sexual gratification.

The video posted to LiveLeak has received more than 50,000 views in less than 24 hours.

In the video, a surgeon delicately holds onto the end of an eel with surgical forceps.

The surgeon then slowly begins to lift the eel out of the unconscious patient on the operating table.

The full size of the creature isn’t revealed in the video, although it appears to be longer than the operating assistant’s forearm.

It’s unknown how the eel ended up inside the person, however the video description suggests it was for sexual gratification.

Last month a man in southeast China put a half-a-metre eel into his anus as a home-remedy cure to his constipation.

He was taken to hospital in Guangzhou with a severe stomach ache.

Doctors examined Liu’s abdominal area and were then shocked to find an eel in his intestines.

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