How To Make Being Outdoors In Autumn Fun For Children

Spending time outdoors is important for your child’s health, but also for their development and learning. Nature will naturally increase your child’s curiosity and lead them to explore the area around them. With countless sounds, smells and sights for your child to enjoy outdoors, autumn is one of the best times of year to be outside and get children moving and playing and making the most of the cooler weather. 


But, if your children enjoy being indoors, glued to their technology devices or playing in their room, encouraging them that being outdoors is good for them may be tricky. Here are some ways that you can make being outdoors fun for children this autumn. 


Plant Vegetables

Planting fruits or vegetables in your garden with your children is a great way to spend time together and learn about the outdoors and how things grow. It may also encourage children to become more responsible for their things by caring for their seedlings. As a family, you can enjoy choosing which things to grow and what you would like to include in your garden and deciding where you should grow them. If you decide to build your own vegetable patch, then you have an even greater opportunity to spend time outdoors to get the new space ready.


Go On Nature Adventures

When the weather becomes colder, it’s a great time to take a look at all the familiar places that you see every day, but watch as they change with the seasons. Letting your child see first-hand how the world around them changes in the year is magical and allows them to learn more about the seasons. 


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Explore the places that your little one loves, such as the park or woodlands and encourage them to point out what might have changed since your last visit. Wrap up warm with layers, whether you choose girls designer dresses with thick tights and a cardigan or a cosy jumper and sweats and go out as a family to your favourite park, but let your children lead the way and follow them in whichever they lead. 


Create Autumn Arts And Crafts

The autumn scenery is so much more than just something pretty to look at. You and your kids can create fun and memorable pieces of autumn arts and crafts with the things that nature has to offer. Crafts which involve leaves are the perfect autumn decorations for your home, or you could create bird feeders using pine cones and conkers which you find whilst out and about. Your children will love exploring the outdoors knowing that they are on a mission to collect things for your next projects.

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