When the bills accumulates and the phone keeps ringing, you may feel submerged. The good news is, organizations that help people get out from under medical debt are typically easy to locate, and they can get you on your way to relief.

Just remember not to settle for “no,” or to stop searching for help if you’re denied at first. It may take effort and perseverance, but most people who need it will be able to find help they need.


In the time to come, or even now as you continue to require medical attention, be your own advocate. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Haggle. Many medical providers are happy to discount procedures if they know they will be paid up front, as soon as the procedure is complete. This is especially true if you don’t have insurance. In some cases, you may get extensive discounts for being a quick-paying customer.
  • Question services. Your doctor is always looking out for your best care, but before you agree to an expensive test, make sure there isn’t a less expensive option that would be just as useful.
  • Check for prices. Don’t be afraid to call around to local hospitals for pricing. If your preferred hospital is more expensive, ask for a price match from a competitor.