Is Galaxy S8 the right phone for the modern Nigerian businessman?

The S8 is only going to be available to buy via 50 Samsung retail stores and a few network operator stores nationwide.

There have been a few articles written recently about the release of Samsung’s new which will reach Nigeria This May, 2017.

But one question has been playing on my mind – is the S8 or S8+ the right phone for a Nigerian businessman?

What exactly does a Nigerian businessman need from their smartphone, and does the S8/S8+ have what it takes to replace the iPhone?

From what I’ve seen the answer is yes, and here’s why:

1. Exclusivity

The S8 is only going to be available to buy via 50 Samsung retail stores and a few network operator stores nationwide, limited to a small number of cities across Nigeria.

This means that anyone who manages to get their hands on the country’s latest smartphone will be the envy at every meeting.

Samsung has, however, created a neat pre-registration system, to enable the smart businessman to not miss out.

Once you have pre-registered, you have secured the right to buy on May 5th 2017.

2. Infinity display

The Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display has an incredible end-to-end screen that spills over the phone’s sides, forming a completely smooth, continuous surface with no bumps or angles. It’s pure, pristine, uninterrupted glass.

And it takes up the entire front of the phone, flowing seamlessly into the aluminum shell. The result is a beautifully curved, perfectly symmetrical, singular object.

This means whether you are checking emails, video calling, or browsing online, the S8 allows you to scroll less, see more, and concentrate on completing your work to the highest standard.

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3. Iris scanner unlock

In today’s connected world our smartphones have become arguably more important than our computers and laptops, with synced accounts running across all devices, and the speed and power of modern day smartphones able to rival the best computers.

This means the security of your smartphone is more important than ever. Which is why the S8’s iris scanning unlock system is the perfect security feature for the Nigerian business man.

Prying eyes (and gbeborun other halves) are not a problem when you have iris scanning on the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

No two irises have the same pattern, not even yours, and they’re nearly impossible to replicate.

That means with iris scanning, your phone and its contents open to your eyes only. The iris is the colored, ring-shaped part of your eye.

And when you need to unlock your phone really fast, face recognition is the best option.

4. Personal assistant

Our smartphones have been trying for a few years now to take away some of the hassle of daily life, by integrating various voice-controlled AI assistants into the latest smartphones.

From Apple’s Siri, to Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Now, Samsung is throwing their hat in the ring with “Bixby”.

Bixby completely changes the way you interact with your phone. It’s a personal assistant that understands talk, text, and taps so you’re never confined to one mode of communication.

It also completely changes the way you search. You don’t even have to ask, just show Bixby what you want by opening your camera app. It’s so incredibly easy.

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Bixby might not be the perfect AI yet (I don’t think there is a perfect solution yet), but it looks like Samsung has made the biggest leaps forward out of all their competitors, to ensure that their assistant is the one who will make your life the easiest.

How to get your hands on the S8

Although the S8 and S8+ will not be available in Nigeria until May 5th, you can guarantee being able to buy one by filling out their pre-registration here.

You will not be asked to pay upfront, but Samsung have said that they will reach out to pre-registered users telling them exactly when and how to buy.

As a bonus, Samsung are giving a Free Starter Kit worth N30,000+ to everyone who pre-registers now, and then buys their phone between 5th – 7th May, 2017.

The kit is full of free accessories, including a power bank, a screen protector, and a back cover.

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