For the Guys 15 things Nigerian girls say and what they truly mean

“Fine boy like you. Your girlfriend must be lucky”

Lol, You better decipher that one yourself……

Nigerian women have a reputation for saying one thing when it completely means something else. The duty of the Nigerian man is to decipher the meaning of these things.

Take this as a mini tutorial, free of charge.

1. What women say:

Please oh, don’t disturb me, before your girlfriend will come and kill me

2. What they say:

Don’t worry you can be going. Have fun.

What she’s really saying:

3. What they say:

What are we now?

What they mean:

See, whatever you say, just don’t say “we’re nothing but pencils in the hand of the Creator”.

4. What they say:

If you’re not coming again it is fine. (BETTER BE COMING RIGHT AWAY)

What they mean:

Better cross the seven seas to get here.

5. What they say:

I’ll be ready in 5 minutes. Just wait.

What they really really mean:

“But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years” 2 Peter 3:8.

6. What they say:

How is that your girlfriend sef?

What they mean:

7. What they say:

When she DMs you saying “That girl you have been retweeting, her tweets make so much sense.”

What they mean:

I see what you’re doing dear.

8. What they say:

What they mean:

9. What they say:

When next are you going to see your mum?

What they mean:

10. What they say:

I think we need to take a break.

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What they mean:

This break is going till last till we die.

11. What they say:

It is not like I want it sha, but it costs 50k.

What they mean:


See the money sprayed at a traditional wedding in Imo state
See the money sprayed at a traditional wedding in Imo state(Linda Ikeji)

12. What they say:

What they mean:

I miss you and I need to find out if you miss me too.

13. What they say:

Nah. No problem. You can do it. I don’t mind.

What they mean:

If they born you well, try it.

14. In the end, when she says “Hey, Big Head”.

She’s just saying,

15. And does a Nigerian woman truly love you if she hasn’t asked this question?

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