The Top 20 Healthy Food Blogs to Follow in 2019

Healthy Food Blogs to Follow in 2019

These are dietitian-approved blogs that will get you ready for your next craving

Health and wellness bloggers let us into their lives and—in most cases—even their kitchens. Through healthy food blogs, they share with us their innovative and exciting recipes, healthy eating strategies, behind-the-scenes-tips, and stunning food photos to both educate and inspire us.

There’s only one problem—there are a lot of them out there. We searched high and low to find the best of the best within some of the most sought-after healthy food categories—kid-friendly meals, budget-conscious recipes, gluten-free living, and more. So how did we choose these “Best of Blogs” for 2019?

You’ll find that many of the selections are run by registered dietitians. Mouth-watering recipes are great, but we also value credible, evidence-based information provided by bonafide experts in the field. Additionally, these blogs provide a consistent flow of new posts featuring authentic and delicious content, actionable advice, and aspirational ideas for home cooks everywhere. Here are 20 of the best healthy food blogs you need to check out in 2019.

Cozy Peach Kitchen

Registered dietitian Cassidy is leading the charge on better-for-you comfort foods. With Cozy Peach Kitchen, she presents them with a southern twist. Cassidy’s plant-based concoctions range from Vegan Tater Tot Green Bean Casserole to Pot Pie with Tofu and Mixed Veggies. Don’t forget the Cherry Chocolate Nice Cream for dessert.

Emily Bites

Comfort food with nutrition info you won’t balk at? Emily Bites delivers “Lightened Up” comfort foods that don’t compromise on flavor. All recipes include Weight Watchers points as well.

The Gourmet RD

Julie Andrews of The Gourmet RD is not only a dietitian, but a chef as well, and her recipes include the nostalgic favorites you grew up on but with a healthier twist. Case in point? Caramelized Banana & Peanut Butter Oatmeal or Hash Brown Waffles + Turkey Sausage Gravy. Enjoy!

Real Food Real Deals

Budget Bytes

Plant-Based on a Budget

Eating Richly

This easy-on-the-wallet blog also gets a thumbs up from kids. Parent duo Diana and Eric Johnson run Eating Richly, which features tasty recipes (whole wheat oatmeal fudge, anyone?) and also covers kid-friendly crafts and other ideas to create special, inexpensive moments with your family.

Veggies Don’t Bite

Plant-based meals your little ones will love? Sophia DeSantis of Veggies Don’t Bite offers recipes full of veggies, with sweet treats sprinkled in here and there. Delicious offerings (free of refined sugars) like the Mexican Tequila Lime Chickpea Soup are tested and approved at home by her own kids.

Mama Knows Nutrition

This dietitian-run blog includes healthy recipes your kids will love, but it also goes above and beyond, providing credible answers to everyday questions. If you’ve ever wondered about healthy baby food options or if you can give your toddler almond milk, Mama Knows Nutrition has realistic expert advice and solutions for you.

Veggies & Virtue

A pediatric dietitian and mom of three, there aren’t many more qualified than Ashley Smith of Veggies & Virtue to offer up healthy eating tips and recipe ideas for your kids. Veggies & Virtue focuses on age-appropriate food ideas, evidenced-based insight on pediatric feeding questions, mealtime organization, and clever ideas to help your kids enjoy healthy foods.

Real Mom Nutrition

Sally Kuzemchak, the mom and dietitian extraordinaire behind Real Mom Nutrition, brings what she calls a “no-judgment zone” to helping parents feed their families. Real Mom Nutrition runs the gamut from allergy-friendly Halloween treats to a Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie, and much more.

My Moroccan Food

Nargisse Benkabbou, of My Moroccan Food, is putting her own stamp on classic Moroccan cuisine. With options like a heartwarming lentil stew or traditional chicken kebabs, Nargisse is proving that comfort food can come from anywhere. Get ready for delectable Moroccan recipes and photography that will have you wishing you could dive through your computer screen.

Nutrition by Nazima

Nazima Qureshi is a registered dietitian Muslimah nutrition expert. Nutrition by Nazima is where she shares her knowledge, experiences, and delightful recipes like Indian Spiced Egg & Hashbrown Waffles. Whether you need help with meal planning, coping with specific dietary restrictions, or simply trying something new, Nazima has you covered.

Immaculate Bites

Afro-Caribbean is the cuisine Imma is serving up on Immaculate Bites. You’ll find recipes for staples like collard greens and shrimp creole, as well as less familiar treats like Asun—a spicy goat dish native to Nigeria. Imma’s blog is a great place to find something new and bold to experience in this year.

Chopsticks Chronicle

Shihoko and Elizabeth, a mother-daughter team, left Japan many years ago and now reside in Australia. On Chopsticks Chronicle you’ll find their favorite Japanese eats featuring interesting and complex dishes like Miso Katsudon as well as simple recipes for making white rice (and more!) the Japanese way.

Grateful Grazer

There’s an art and a science to living healthy—that’s the motto Grateful Grazer lives by. With a blend of beautiful photography showcasing delicious plant-based meals to research-based articles discussing the impact nutrition has on our mental health or sports nutrition, this blog tackles it all.

With Food + Love

If you’re fond of a plant-based lifestyle, you will fall in love with Sherrie Castellano—the founder of the With Food and Love blog—and all of her clever and delicious recipes. Case in point? Not-to-be-missed treats like her Sweet Potato Crostini with Brie Honey and Jalapenos. All of the recipes on With Food + Love are also gluten-free.

The Plant-Powered Dietitian

This award-winning blog was created by Sharon Palmer, a leading plant-based dietitian. The Plant-Powered Dietitian features beautiful, lick-your-computer-screen-worthy images of vegan recipes like Vegan Eggplant Parmigiana, interviews of world-renowned plant-based researchers, and how-tos, all in one place. Check it out.

Whitney E. RD

Ever wonder how vegetarians and vegans get enough protein? How about plant-based kid-friendly snack ideas? Whitney E. RD is a dietitian and mom who gets it. She shares her knowledge and experiences to help make your life a little easier (and more nutritious). Try the 10-Minute Raspberry Chutney—you won’t be disappointed.

Cookie and Kate

The human and dog duo of Cookie and Kate tackle all things vegetarian. They’ve got your Basic Blueberry Smoothie, your delicious Coffee Chocolate Chip Blondie Cookies, and your Classic Minestrone Soup, and more—all in the name of celebrating whole, plant-based foods. Cookie and Kate also features an app and has a published cookbook.
There are a lot of them out there—but not all are up to snuff. We hope the selection we picked bring you answers, good health, and joy in the new year and beyond.

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