Drama As Zimbabwean Pastor ‘Calls God’ On Phone, Speaks With Him In Church (Video)

A video making the rounds online shows a Zimbabwean pastor who claimed to have spoken to God over the phone during a church service.

The pastor was filmed “talking to God” over his cellphone while the congrats cheered in the background.


He called a woman from the crowd to come and receive a message from God.

As soon as the woman knelt down before him, the pastor started receiving instructions from God over the phone, which he told to the woman.

He could hearin the video saying:

“Hello‚ is this heaven?” the pastor was heard saying as he held the phone to his ear.

“I have a woman here‚ what do you have to say about her?” the pastor speaks into his phone. “Ahh. Oh‚” he says‚ listening intently. “I should ask her who is Sibo‚” he says aloud.

“What else papa God?” the pastor asked on the phone moments later. He then listens again then relays another message to the woman on her knees‚ with her hands raised.

“God is telling me to ask you why he is showing a heart. He is saying we should pray for your children‚ two of them … He is saying one is epileptic the other one is asthmatic.”
His congregation began yelling in jubilation at this point and the pastor screams “heaven is online”.
He ends off the phone call saying to the woman‚ “Your story has changed”.

Later, in an interview with Bulawayo 24, the pastor said that he would share God’s number soon so that anyone could call him.

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