Dealing With Stress That Comes With Entrepreneurship

The road to entrepreneurship can be very lonely. Sometimes you may feel like giving up, sometimes you feel you have not done well enough, sometimes you may even become depressed. The challenges are so much I admit,  but when these times come. What do you do??

Sit down and mourn, despair and count all your mistakes and errors?? Blame yourself and everyone?? Noo!! That’s not the way to go!

Here is what to do in such situations.

Remember all you have achieved in the past. Count your successes and celebrate yourself.

If you are a Christian, the place of the Holy Spirit is so important. Especially at this time. Go to him, pour out your heart to him. Tell him to speak to you. You will be amazed how things will turn around! He should be your comforter and best friend..

Be grateful to God for the things he has done. Worship him! Praise him.

Hold on to the words he has given to you.

Do away with friends who do not celebrate, respect or value you. Trust me such friends are toxic! I didn’t say they are bad people, they just don’t believe in you! Walk away!


Learn how to deal with stress!

As an entrepreneur, sometimes you become so engrossed in your job that you neglect the little things that matters. Remember, if you loose money, you loose nothing but if you loose your health, family and loved ones you loose almost everything. So don’t forget to always take out time to care for those who really cares about you. Take a vacation when needed, go to the pool, go see a movie, go to the beach, spend time with people who believe in you and freshen up! It helps.

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Do not forget to listen to things that lifts up your spirit and motivates you especially at this challenging times. Listen to your pastor’s messages if you are a Christian. Listen to people in your area of vision, listen to motivational messages. You will soon be up again trust me ??

Look back at the reason you started…. Don’t give up, you may just be an inch close to the gold! Remember, the darkest hours comes when the day is just about to break.

Trust me, the Holy Ghost is ever willing to help if only you will allow him. He is going to make things a lot easier for you. His grace will baffle you, take you where you never imagined you can be. Don’t leave him aside, he wants to help.

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