This curvy Nollywood actress just revealed what men love the most about her body

Nollywood Actress Evia Simon talks about what Nigerian men love most.

Nollywood actress Evia Simon recently revealed which part of a woman’s body Nigerian men love the most.

Nollywood actress Evia Simon.

Curvy Nollywood actress Evia Simon who is self-claimed booty queen of Nollywood, recently said Nigerian men like the women’s backside more than their front.

In a chat with Potpurri, Evia said men and even women look at her curvy body. noticed she also gave insight to what men like:

“It all depends on the man and his taste in women. Some men prefer front to bum while some prefer bum to front. But if you look at our Nigerian men these days, most of them go for bum even though their kind of women are slim ones.”

“They still tend to favour and go after women with big bums because of curiosity. Their curiosity over what the bums hold drives them to want to know what lies beneath.” 

Men, do you agree with what she says or is is far from the truth? Let us know in the comments.

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