Cryptocurrency Ranking: Ethereum Stands Out As Most Actively Developed

Cryptocurrency ranking over a seven days shows that development activity in ethereum is far surpassing any other blockchain with more than a million lines of code changes made over the week

Cryptocurrency ranking

Ethereum is so far beating bitcoin, and any other crypto, by the number of commits on github, the number of stars and forks to the repository, as well as the number of developers.

Ethereum can count a thousand protocol developers, while bitcoin is at just 170, with Ripple surpassed even by ETC for coding activity:

Top cryptos devs activity, October 2018.

Much of the coding activity in ethereum is testing, presumably for the upcoming Metropolis Constantinople upgrade which is to cut issuance by 1/3rd.

There’s also a lot of activity ongoing elsewhere, including Remix, a “browser-based compiler and IDE that enables users to build Ethereum contracts with Solidity language.”

Cryptocurrency ranking
Ethereum coding activity, October 2018.

Casper has seen quite a few changes recently, as has web3, with sharding also seeing some activity as developers work towards ethereum 2.0.

These stats can however be slightly misleading as a commit to change a comma is counted the same as one that makes more substantial changes, but the same would apply to other cryptos, making them indicative of substantial activity ongoing in eth.

Ethereum’s stackexchange, for example, is seeing considerably more questions than other crypto stackexchanges, while ethereum dev tools are seeing tens of thousands of downloads a month.

The above stats are for just protocol development, not counting the substantial development ongoing in the many ethereum dapps and projects such as DAI, BAT, Status and so on.

With this notable activity potentially explained by ethereum’s ambitious roadmap that plans to get rid of miners and to increase activity to perhaps a billion transactions a day.

How far they have advanced toward that goal will now be made more clear at Devcon IV starting in four weeks.

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They still yet to published the agenda, but there will probably be at least one talk on Casper, one on Sharding, probably quite a few discussions on scalability, and Lane Rettig, an eth dev, will present on a planned upgrade of Ethereum’s Virtual Machine to e-WASM.

Much therefore is quite in flux in eth as developers keep on building the new ethereum with “savings” accounts that give “interest,” almost 0 inflation, potentially far more capacity than even centralized blockchains like Ripple or EOS, with holders/stakers as validating nodes, fully green in electricity consumption, trustless, permissionless, decentralized and global.

All of it on your laptop and tens of thousands of laptops across the world running the currency of the internet and the world computer.

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