Bisola Pulls A Crazy Prank On Big Brother Housemates

Day 69 of the Big Brother Naija show was April 1, aka April fools days and guess who got played by Biggie and HoH Bisola?

Yup, and most of the housemates gobbled it all up!

From extreme pranks to an extreme party for six, here’s all you may have missed on day 69 of reality TV show.

1) The house mates got their culinary skills tested with hopes of when they were asked to prepare meals for their special guests who would be visiting that afternoon and of course, Biggie had the biggest surprise yet, planned.

2) Biggie teamed up with Bisola to prank the housemates and have them believe she had been disqualified from the show. As you can imagine, the reactions were epic!

3) The housemates got family members visit them in the house which has to be Biggies’s biggest and best surprise yet. It was an emotional free for all!

4) Bisola seems to have found some common ground with Bally and has shifted her attentions to him since TTT, her old flame is out of the house. What can we say? Bally was all smiles so we can tell that he is warming up to her.

5) The housemates grooved all night long at an extreme party for six as is the norm for Saturday nights and had three DJ’s, DJKENTALKY, DJ Ssnatch and  DJ Consequence play the night away.

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