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6 Essential Workouts For Back Pain

Study has it that about 80 percent of the American populace will suffer from lower back pain at least once in their life? To make matters worse, it’s a type of stubborn pain that can pose a challenge to get rid of or alleviate without help.

While you can seek help from your doctor, massage therapist or chiropractor, did you know you can also put your wallet back in your pocket and help yourself with workouts for back pain?

There are tons of workouts for back pain you can engage in the comfort of your home to cure back pain – all the while contributing to your overall health! Now’s the time to get started.

1. Shoulder Blade Squeezes

If your back pain is getting so bad and regular that not even your partner wants to hear you complain anymore, then it might be time to take action with shoulder blade squeezes.

This discrete yet effective exercise is one you can do from the comfort of your chair. Start with a decent posture, then pull your shoulder blades together from the back (as if you were pinning a chicken’s wings back). Hold this position for about ten seconds, then release.

2. Weight Lifting

Lifting weights is an exercise that you may want to check out with your doctor first. It’s not going to be useful for everyone – and could end up doing more harm than good – especially if you have acute back pain.

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However, when you lift weights correctly, it shouldn’t hurt your back, but rather help to relieve any chronic pain you are suffering. Find out from your doctor whether it’s something you should try along with other exercise types.

3. Hamstring Stretches

Hamstring stretches are one of the most beneficial workouts for back pain. What’s more, it’s one that you can do in many different ways. Whether you want to improve your thigh muscles or take care of sciatica pain, give hamstring stretches a try.

Sit on the edge of your chair, straighten one leg in front of you with your heel on the floor and push your stomach toward your thighs without moving your body. Hold for 30 seconds with each leg, repeating three times each.

4. Partial Crunches

There are many things you can’t do when you have back pain, such as put your socks on, or even jump out of bed with as much enthusiasm as you used to. Partial crunches, however, are something you can do – and can be helpful for strengthening stomach and back muscles.

Lie on the floor with your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent. Cross your arms over your chest and move your body upward, so you feel the pressure in your abdomen. Repeat 10 times then rest.

5. Wall Sits

Wall sits may look easy to do, but they are harder than you think! You will need to stand around 10 inches away from a wall, and lean against it. Bring your body down until you are in a sitting position against the wall, holding yourself by your back and knees.

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The best way to carry out this exercise is by pretending there is a chair behind you. Hold the position for 10 seconds before taking a rest.

6. Knee Rolls

If you want to take care of back pain without the need to dose up on medication, then it might be time to try knee rolls. While it isn’t the most elegant looking exercise, it’s one that’s effective.

Lie on your back with a rolled towel under your head. Put your knees together, bent, and tuck your chin under your neck. Roll to one side with your knees bent and together, then back to the center. Rinse and repeat!

Ending Note

Back pain is a major pain people commonly experience. There is no dispute about that. It can strike when you least expect it, with everyday tasks being either the instigator or the aggravator. However, you don’t have to rely on a load of medications, potions, and juju magic.

Instead, you can try out a range of workouts for back pain that actually works to strengthen your muscles and alleviate pain. While you’ll get no points for elegance and class when you’re mastering these workouts, you will feel much better for doing so!

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