Easy Steps for a Healthier Day

6 Easy Steps for a Healthier Day

Making healthy choices and keeping a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a struggle! Little changes can bring big results.Here are six easy steps for a healthier day.

Eat Breakfast

If you do not know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then you must have been oversleeping! But for real, almost everyone knows this truth, but yet not everyone eats a morning meal.

When you wake up from sleep in the morning, your body needs fuel after the long fast. And several studies connects the importance of eating breakfast to weight loss. The National Weight Control Registry—the largest database of people who have lost weight and kept it off for a long period of time—tracks several of their “losers'” habits. Among them is eating breakfast.

Have a Meal Plan

If you start your day with a set food strategy, you’ll be less likely to make skeptic (a.k.a. unhealthy) decisions! No stopping at the drive-thru for you.

Plan and prepare healthy meals at home, as opposed to throwing the dice with the mystery ingredients and calorie counts of takeout meals. grabbing and brown bagging your lunch is a super smart habit! Over the weekend, plan out all your meals for the upcoming week. Jot down the ingredients you will need, and then hit the grocery store to stock up. Healthy and stress-free eating ahead.

Make Protein and Fiber a Part of All Meals

It’s super important to include plenty of these two nutrients at every meal. If you have enough protein and fiber, you’ll feel satisfied for hours, and you won’t need to make a beeline for the snack cabinet minutes after you finish eating.

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Recent research supports the idea that protein is strongly tied to feeling full. Similar studies show fiber contributes to a reduced appetite, which can lead to weight loss! Fruits and vegetables are both great sources of fiber. And since they’re low in calories, they’re must-haves at all your meals.

If you feel hungry often, there’s a chance you’re missing these vital nutrients. Figure out  to help curb that hunger!

Walk, Walk, Walk!

Both legs are there for a reason. Research shows that the healthiest countries have one thing in common: walking. The folks in these places, like Denmark and Japan, walk way more than the average American.

This simple routine is easy to do and very effective. But if you spend hours each day sitting in your car or behind a desk, it can seem hard to get in a walk. Just look for opportunities to get in some extra steps here and there, and you’ll find ways to build walking into you day-to-day routine.

I coined the term Housewalking as an easy way to get in those steps! I’m obsessed with my Fitbit, and I think everyone should have a pedometer. Invest in one, and keep yourself accountable. Small actions like parking a bit further away from the store and taking the stairs instead of the elevator add up and make a difference! Plus, it’s kind of like a game: How many steps can YOU rack up in a day? 

Stay Hydrated

Sometimes, yo feel like eating everything you see. But then after drinking a glass of water that feeling subsides. Water is very helpful in managing weight, and research supports this idea. Drinking 16 ounces of water before meals has actually been shown to help with weight loss. Besides, your cells need H2O to function properly! If you find it difficult to stay hydrated throughout the day, check out my tips on how to increase your water intake.   

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Pack Emergency Snacks

Hunger can knock when you least expect it! And those are the times when bad food decisions are most likely to be made. Avoid this diet trap like a boy scout would: Be prepared. I have snacks at my desk, in my car, and in my purse. All my bases are covered! I go for snacks that contain protein and/or fiber, so they’ll truly put an end to my hunger.

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