3 Signs you might see when your boo starts cheating

The three common signs you will likely see once he starts seeing and being with other women…

No one probably will ever truly grasp why people cheat inspite of their great relationships/marriages.

Men are widely accepted to cheat more than women and the reasons given for this have ranged from sexual dissatisfaction to curiosity.

Whatever the reason for a man’s cheating though, here are the three common signs you will likely see once he starts to have another affair outside of your relationship.

1. Obsession with his body

There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping fit, staying in shape and all of that. But when a partner who has never particularly taken interest in looking like a model suddenly develops an obsessive liking to working out and getting the body of a model, there could be a chance that he’s doing it to please new sexual partners whom he’d like to impress.

Forehead kiss
He no longer takes you out the way he used to

2. Decreased dates

He used to take you on all business occasions where employees were asked to come with their partners. Suddenly he stops even though it is obvious that everyone had been asked to come with a partner.

When a partner who delights in showing you off no longer does so, even though there’s been nothing to warrant that action, it could be because he is going to those occasions with someone else?

Sexual compatibility
His sex game suddenly goes all the way up

3. New bedroom skills

He suddenly flips and bends you in ways he’s always been unwilling to… it could be because he has found a new partner who gives it to him that way and he’s imagining you are the one

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Note: All these are hypothetical and could just mean your partner is trying new ways to improve your sex life, or for some other reasons different from cheating on you.

In some cases, these things are as a result of other excapades, and in some other cases, it is just your partner trying to set your sex life alight.

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