21 Smooth Ways to Bag Yourself a Wealthy Older Woman

Are you looking for a sugar momma to date? Follow these 21 steps to find yourself the perfect sugar momma. Here’s how to bag one!

Lots of guys are interested in older women. If you are looking for a sexy older lady to treat you right, there are certain things you need to do to bag yourself a sugar momma.

Older women on the lookout for younger men expect certain qualities. If you hope to be wined and dined and maybe even get some free accommodation or your college fees paid off, then you must fulfill her expectations in every way.

How to land yourself a sugar momma

Older women looking for younger guys are often referred to as cougars. These are usually smart, sexy women who take care of themselves and know what they want. They might be bored housewives, single moms, or just businesswomen who decided to put their career first.

Whatever their reason, don’t expect that just because you are a younger guy, she’ll be interested in you. Competition for cougars is often fierce, and they can take their pick. So, if you go on the prowl for a sugar momma, you better be up for making an effort. Bring your “A” game and don’t be afraid to show her what kind of a man you are.

Are you ready to meet the older woman of your dreams? If so, then get ready to follow these great tips which will set you well on your way to bagging yourself a sugar momma!

#1 Dress well. Sugar mommas are classy ladies with money to spare. They want a smart and sexy younger man on their arm. You won’t get very far in a tracksuit and trainers. Dress smart, look suave and show her that you make the effort.

#2 Go to the gym. She’s looking for a hot young thing, not a weedy ‘barely out of puberty’ type. So if you are serious about bagging a Sugar Momma get to the gym pronto!

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#3 Be confident. Confidence is so important. She wants to know you aren’t scared of an intelligent and successful woman, so no nervous chatter. It puts her right off!

#4 Be intelligent. Sugar mommas want intelligent conversation so bring better chat than farts and beer pong!

#5 Go wild in the bedroom. Let’s face it, when it gets down to the nitty gritty she wants to know you can deliver the goods. Make sure you are totally confident in the bedroom and show her a thing or two that she might not have experienced before!

#6 Listen to her. Just like any woman, a cougar wants to feel respected and valued. Make sure you are super attentive and listen to her every word.

#7 Don’t drink too much. She doesn’t want a man-child who gets stupid drunk and starts acting like an idiot. Make sure you show her that you are a proper man, can hold your booze, and don’t need to down 12 shots of tequila to have a good time!

#8 Do as you are told. She’s going to enjoy bossing you around a little, so while you need to come across as manly and strong, expect to go the places she wants to go, and do the things that she wants to do!

#9 Don’t expect gifts. We get that you might be wanting to date an older lady for more than just the thrill of it. If you make it too obvious that you are in it for the money this will be off-putting to her. Don’t expect too much, wait, and good things will come.

#10 Smell nice. Pay attention to your hygiene and invest in a good cologne. Then you’ll ooze sophistication, and she won’t be able to resist.

#11 Don’t use cheesy pick up lines.  She’ll have heard them all before!

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#12 Don’t be too sexual right away. If you come on too strong she’ll find this extremely off-putting. Flatter and compliment by all means, but keep the conversation light and flirty until you get to know her better, or she initiates something more.

#13 Hold your own. Hold your own in a conversation—with a sugar momma it’s all about balance. Don’t be a complete pushover, and be prepared to hold your own especially in conversations with her friends.

#14 Be well groomed. Pay attention to your personal grooming too. If you have facial hair keep it neat and tidy. Keep fingernails short and clean. The little details are what she will be on the lookout for to assure her you are the kind of classy man she would like to get to know better.

#15 Make her laugh. Of course, as with any dating situation, if you make them laugh then you are in with a good chance of bagging that sugar momma. Be intelligent with your humor and show her how charming and funny you are. She will soon be putty in your hands!

Where to find a sugar momma

Of course, now that you have perfected your skills and are ready to get out there and woo an older lady, the question still remains, where do you find them? Luckily, it’s easy to meet sugar momma’s—you just need to know where to look! Some great places to try are:

#16 Online. There are plenty of dating websites set up these days that make it easy for younger men and older women to connect. Simply set up a profile and then search for cougars in your area. When you see one you like the look of, reach out to them and see where it takes you.

#17 Supermarkets. Supermarkets are actually great places to meet older women. Go to higher end supermarkets during the day and spot the attractive, older single women doing their weekly shop. Make a cute comment about something in her shopping cart as your in.

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#18 Cougar bars. Nowadays if you live in a city, there will no doubt be a few well-known cougar bars where the older ladies like to get together and the younger men like to hunt. If you can’t find any information online, try high end bars and intimate wine bars. You’ll soon find yourself in luck!

#19 In the park. The park is a great spot to meet businesswomen taking their lunch break or housewives jogging or taking a stroll. Be confident and friendly in your approach, if you’ve got a furry friend to take on a walk this is the perfect accessory to help those older ladies fall for your charms.

#20 At the gym. Sugar mommas like to keep their bodies in tip-top condition, and they like their young men to do the same. That’s why gyms are a fantastic place to try and meet!

#21 Upmarket restaurants. Ladies who lunch is a common phrase for a reason. Head down to a classy restaurant and you’ll find packs of sugar mommas enjoying leisurely wine-fuelled lunches. Better still, get a job there, and you’ll have a reason to approach them straight away!

Finding a sugar momma is all about going to the right places and knowing the right approach. With these tips, you are sure to bag yourself a hot, classy, generous one in no time.

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