13 photos every girl who almost dated an idiot will understand

When your village people want to trap you, jump and pass.

1. You’re tired of boys and their wahala

2. But you decide to give this one last shot when one boy starts setting p.

3. How the boy makes mouth online.

 4. But when you meet him real life.

5. Then next thing, he starts telling you about relationship.

6. And deep down, you’re like,

7. So you tell him politely that you’re not interested in a relationship.

8. You check your Twitter, and the boy tweeted

9. And when you see this, you’re just there looking like,

10. And because you don’t like insult in your life, you respond with this

11. Deep down, you’re thanking God for his foolishness.

12. Because you know deep down, that you just dodged a bullet.


13. Now, say this prayer;

And so, the Legend of #KeepTheChangeBae is born.

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