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How To Send A Text From Your Email Account

email to sms

Despite the fact that just about everyone can read their email on their smartphone, there will always be times and situations in which it is more advantageous to send a short email as a text. This is particularly useful if you’re emailing a non-smartphone user, need to send a text when …

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5 Ways To Charge Your Smartphones Without Chargers


The fire-side charger What charges your phone while warming your soup? It is a BioLite’s CampStove. A portable stove for the outdoor gadgeteer, this nifty contraption uses the heat from a campfire to generate electricity by way of a thermoelectric generator, which then powers a fan to create airflow for …

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5 Ways Tech Gadgets Affects Your Health


Tech devices without  doubts has  made our each day activities less difficult. It seems generation has an answer for everything. But, what you ought to know is that for the entirety that has blessings, there are also hazards. In this case, the disadvantage or aspect impact of the tech era …

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4 Helpful Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

Privacy seems to be increasingly difficult to protect nowadays, especially online privacy. However, there are a couple of simple steps that you can take to better protect your personal information online. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 helpful ways to protect your online privacy. Use the Right …

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New Device Heals, Repairs Brain With Just One Contact

tissue nanotransfection

A brand new device has been evolved at the Ohio University, it transforms cells into other styles of cells required for treating diseased situations. During testing, one placement completely repaired injured legs of mice over three weeks! A brand new tool advanced at the Ohio State college can start restoration …

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5 Tips On Improving Your iPhone Experience

iPhones are the new best tool today (literally), not the screwdrivers and hammer anymore. iPhones are used for almost everything and God forbid if they get infected with bugs and viruses, our day-to-day life comes to a standstill. And as they say, iPhones are no longer just phones but an …

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