Tips For Healthy Travel

5 Top Tips For Healthy Travel

Travel is a great part of life – you get to experience new cultures, take in new sights and meet new people. Seeing how the rest of the world go about their daily lives is fascinating and something which everyone should do as and when they can. Whilst travelling is exciting, keeping an eye on and planning for your health during your travels is a great way to ensure your safety during your trip.

Healthy travel means taking extra precautions, even before you get to your destination. You must remember that protecting your health should be of utmost importance, even when you are planning on an idyllic getaway, so here are some tips for you to consider for healthy travel.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping hydrating is always important, whether you’re heading on your travels or not. Your hydration levels should be one of the first things you think about whilst on your travels, especially if you are travelling by plane. When holidaying in a warm climate, your body will be adjusting to a new climate and, in between exploring or relaxing on the beach, drinking water regularly can be all but forgotten.

Dehydration causes headaches, tiredness and can be highly dangerous if it reaches drastic levels. If your accommodation has a fridge, use it to stock up on bottled water so that you always have one to grab before you head out. Usually, buying in bulk is cheaper than buying single bottles each and every day.

Check Vaccination Requirements

This should be something that you check months before your trip, as some vaccinations need at least 6 weeks time. If you’re heading on an international journey, then check with your doctor which vaccinations you will need for your destination. These are completely dependent on the country which you are visiting, but you may need one or more different immunisations. These vaccinations will help to protect you against any diseases or threats.

Remember To Take Your Supplements

If you take daily vitamins and supplements, it’s easy to forget your routine once you are on holiday and this can cause your supplement intake to be affected. You are likely to be exposed to germs which you are not used to and these may put your health at further risk if you are not as protected against them as you usually are. Be sure that you take enough supplements and vitamins to last you the duration of your trip and, for supplements such as fish oil capsules and sea kelp tablets, take a couple extra in case they get damaged.

Eat One Healthy Meal Per Day

When you’re wrapped up in the excitement of your trip, you often forget about healthy dishes and snacks in favour of tasty local dishes and sweet treats. However, eating fast food or carb-heavy meals may make you feel bloated and lethargic, ruining the time you have in your destination.

Try to eat a least one healthy meal or snack per day, whether you find the nearest supermarket and grab some fruit or beg to snack on during the day or, if you have a kitchen space, get some fresh salad, vegetables and nuts to create a tasty, light meal which can be put together in a flash. Of course, you are on holiday so it is time to relax a little, but sticking to just one healthy meal or snack per day will help you to enjoy your time so much more.  

Create A Comfortable Sleeping Space

This is particularly important if you are going to experience jetlag. Just like when you are at home, you should have a sleeping area which is comfortable in order for you to rest during your trip. Try to create a space which is dark, as extra light will cause you to have a disruptive sleep or stop you from drifting off altogether. If you are travelling long-haul, then you are likely to suffer from disturbed sleep for the first few days, so having a space where you can switch off comfortably at the end of a long day will help you adjust.

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